Making sneakers work for work

Who said we cant wear sneakers to our corporate jobs?! Well, now (thankfully) we can.

I think each and every one of us who works (or has ever worked) in a corporate environment dreams of being able to wear sneakers to their 9 to 5. I mean, comfort is to be total winner in every situation and the office is most definitely no exception.

Forget your typical chunky white sneakers; your 95’s or Balenciaga’s (in my dreams), these won’t cut the mustard this time. But for now, I have some tips on how to find a totally smart and comfy, yet totally work appropriate pair of sneakers that wont make you look like you belong in the gym.

Key features to look for:

  1. Leather (or vegan leather for that matter)
  2. Solid, single colours; the less major contrast the better
  3. Natural or muted tones such as white, black, brown, cream… metallic
  4. Slim or flatform soles but not super chunky
  5. Detailing; subtle texture or embroidery

STYLING TIP: Consider your whole outfit when opting to wear sneakers to work. I like to wear a more ‘dressy’ pair of pants and a shirt on the days I wear my work appropriate (metallic) sneakers, or throw on a blazer to instantly dress up any outfit. Either of these options will give an overall smarter look to the outfit, and keep you looking work-ready in case of those last minute meetings.

Here are my current top five workwear sneaker options: 

1.jpg   2    4.jpg   5    6



WEARING: Deuce Raine Slip on Sneaker from Merchant; Trenery Linen Shirt; and H&M trousers

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