Your guide to ‘Black Friday’

Black Friday can be overwhelming, in an exciting way, but nonetheless full on (especially if you will be ‘lunch break’ shopping). I don’t know about everyone else, but I get so many emails in a day that I tend to stop looking at who they are from (let alone read them) and automatically click, delete.

Well, to avoid disappointment of missing out on a ‘too good to be missed’ deal, I have done the hard work and compiled a list of my top online ‘Black Friday’ sales that I think you all ought to know about.

CAUTION:  However, with this list I also want to reiterate that Black Friday shouldn’t be an excuse to buy a heap of clothes that you don’t need and are likely to sit in your drawers until you one day throw them out. Think about it, be selective and buy items that are better quality, so that they last longer. Is there something that you really need or do you really really LOVE a particular item? I buy most my clothes second hand but if I really need (or love) something I’ll buy it new. Tomorrow I’m looking for t-shirts because I actually really need t-shirts (I have had some of my plain tees for three years.. buy quality and look after your clothes people!!). 

So here we go…

Reformation // Sustainable clothing // 30% off everything 


Mi Piaci // Really can’t go wrong // 40% off sales shoes 


Kowtow // Beautiful pieces of ethically & sustainably made clothing // 20% off entire site – use code ‘ENJOY20’ 


Far Fetch // If you’re feeling fancy // Up to 50% off plus extra 20% using code ‘X20BF’ 


Echt // The tights are AMAZING // Up to 50% off Storewide 


PE Nation // Speaks for itself // 30% off Storewide- Enter code ‘BLACK FRIDAY’


The Iconic // Great for.. everything // 30% off selected items- use code ‘SAVE30’


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