9 (fashion) resolutions for 2019

On the brink of 2019 and the inevitable “what are your resolutions for 2019?” becoming a more and more frequent question, I thought it high time I started thinking about the new year.

I have never really been into setting ‘New Year Resolutions’, I mean what’s the point if I know I will last a week or two.

Since starting this blog and my Instragram page, I have been paying a lot more attention to fashion, including other fashion bloggers and fashion trends. Thinking ahead to the future in setting my ‘resolutions’ for 2019 I wanted to make sure I am working towards a fashion lifestyle that I wholeheartedly support and want to be involved in. The nine resolutions below represent me as a fashion blogger/ (beginner) Instagrammer.

Before I get into my nine resolutions, I also want to make note of the importance of choosing resolutions that are achievable and are true to who you are. If you have never run a day in your life, running a marathon next month probably isn’t 100% achievable and you probably aren’t being true to yourself. In saying that, if that is something you want to commit to and know you are capable of achieving, why not go for it.

So here are my ‘New Years Resolutions’ for 2019…

  • Support locally made clothing brands: I am going to buy more locally made clothing to support smaller start-up fashion entrepreneurs, which is also a more sustainable fashion option.
  • Share ideas on buying clothing second-hand: Education is always key, and in this case teaching others on how to buy second-hand clothing successfully is something I think I will always be keen on.
  • Encourage less fast fashion: This means buying less items from fast fashion (I currently only buy pieces that I LOVE and know I will wear lots) and encouraging others to do so too.
  • Educate on why fast fashion isn’t the answer: If I am going to buy less from fast fashion outlets, then I would like to educate others on why I am doing this and why they should think about what they buy. I know lots of people feel that those are the only clothes they can afford, and that may be so but we can be smart about what we buy, by making sure we only buy what we NEED or what we LOVE.
  • Collaborate with clothing brands I agree with and want to support: This is a slightly more long term resolution for the year as I only recently started my blog and Instagram account BUT if you don’t put something out in the universe you will never know.
  • Sew something. Anything: I have had a sewing machine for 6 years and used it once. I always admire fabric in op-shops and never buy it as I know it will sit somewhere unused for months until I finally re-donate it. This is the year.
  • Sort out my wardrobe system / clothing storage system: Any ideas and suggestions highly appreciated! This is one Lucas will be very pleased about too, as our bedroom is currently overrun with piles of clothes. Oops.
  • Get rid of some clothes: For ages I have been thinking about the ‘one in, one out’ rule, however I have never been able to commit myself to it. No better time than know I guess… (I hope I don’t regret this haha).
  • Find my style and stick to it: I have always said that clothing is an expression of who you are, and this year I want to make sure my style is a true representation of Emma Ryder (soon to be Baranovic 😉 ).

So ‘Cheers!’ to 2019 my friends, may the year bring you good vibes and lots of fantastic op-shop finds ;). And may we all stick to our New Years Resolutions.

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