Life Update : Dec ’18 – Feb ’19

It’s human nature to be curious and I am the first to admit I love to know what people get up to, what’s happening in their lives, who they’re dating or even the delicious coffee they had this morning. For me, I like the connection to other people, sharing feelings and emotions, and knowing that what’s happening in your life is 100% happening to someone else also.

While there is something fun about being mysterious I thought it would be interesting to share what I have been up to lately as I have been pretty MIA the past two months when it comes to blogging. I don’t have some profound excuse, except that life has been extremely busy and I have been focusing my energies on different things. But rest assured I am back and more ready than ever to blog my thoughts, feelings, fashion and tips for a more conscious lifestyle. BRING. IT. ON. I’m excited, can’t you tell?!

Where to start… Christmas happened, again. Honestly, last year just disappeared in the blink of an eye and this year seems to be doing the same. For Christmas we ventured down to my parents house in Central Otago. I want to say we did lots of crazy adventurous stuff but in all honesty we were exhausted and spent the majority of the time at home by the pool, helping Mum and Dad with the garden or organising wedding stuff.

A new work year started and started it did! It was full on with projects coming off hold, new projects coming in and a step up into some project management. There’s nothing like a challenge to get the year started!

My step daughter came to stay with us for two months from Argentina. This was both an awesome time and an incredible challenge for all of us; her, Lucas and I. She doesn’t speak must English and I don’t speak much Spanish which makes conversing difficult and usually involves lots of sign language or Lucas translating. But on the plus side, we both improved our English/ Spanish over the course of her staying and I got to know my step daughter!

Then, last week… WE GOT MARRIED! It was the most perfect day EVER and we are both so incredibly happy with how it all turned out! We opted for a small intimate ceremony with our family and closest friends, under the apricot trees at my parents house. I have so many things I want to say about how we did our ceremony and reception but I will write another post to share our tips on a small and affordable but intimately perfect wedding. To share in our celebrations, Lucas’ mum came from Argentina and two of my aunts and my uncle came from the UK. It was so cool to see two families coming together, that have different cultures and different languages, with a highlight being my 81 year old grandmother yelling at Lucas’s mum in English (Nana, she isn’t deaf, she doesn’t speak English!).

So there you have it, a tiny update of the past two months of my life. And while we are now at home (I’m blogging and Lucas is watching YouTube), in our tiny house, we’re off on our honeymoon tomorrow and we cant wait to visit vineyards, swim and go hiking! Would love to know your Waiheke Island recommendations, drop ’em below…

In updates and wedding love,

Em xoxo

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