Review : Okana Skincare

As some of you will know, I recently connected the cause of my migraines to chemicals in skincare and make-up products. Specifically, highly scented chemicals. To test my theory I stopped using all make-up and skincare products (although fairly limited, I’m not big on heaps of products) for about 6 weeks. No make up. No skincare products, literally just a little soap and water. And voila, no migraines.

But I started to notice my skin getting a little drier and that I was looking a little more tired than usual so I started looking into natural make-up and skincare products that were good for the skin but also met my skincare goals.

I came across Okana Skincare and I have to say, I’m so impressed with these products. They’re all made from natural ingredients, so natural they say you could eat them (although I don’t recommend). The range is also super affordable, probably the most affordable natural range I have come across and they’re NZ owned, so really these products are win-win before I have even shared my thoughts.

I have been using the products for around 4 weeks, and have been using the Day Moisturiser (Vegetable Garden); the Face Scrub (Remineralising Bamboo Beads); and the Foaming Cleanser (pH Balancing Apple Juice).

Day Moisturiser (Vegetable Garden) $22.99

I am really liking this moisturiser! It’s a little oily when you first apply it to your skin but it soaks in so fast. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and also gives it a healthy glow. It doesn’t have much of a scent which I also really like about this product. I will definitely be buying this again and also want to try out the night moisturiser.

Face Scrub (Remineralising Bamboo Beads) $15.99

If you’re looking for a gentle face scrub then this is definitely a good option. However, I found that it didn’t have enough “scrub”. I know you need to be gentle with the skin on your face but I like to be able to feel the scrubbing going on. It has a gel like texture which feels nice on the face but I felt like it didn’t quite get my skin as ‘clean’ as I would like.

Foaming Cleanser (pH Balancing Apple Juice) $15.99

This is by far my favourite of the three products. I honestly just feel like raving on and on about how good this is!! It takes off ALL my make-up, including mascara. I literally rub this all over my eyes and the best part, it doesn’t sting my eyes in the slightest! Nothing! Nada! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh, and my skin feels kind of ‘tighter’ after using it. It doesn’t have any scent and slowly soaks into the skin so you don’t have bubbles going everywhere!

So, overall I am super impressed with the Okana Skincare range and while I will be trying out some other natural skincare products, I will definitely be re-purchasing a couple of these Okana products.

P.s. Since it’s 2019, this is not gifted, affiliate or sponsored etc.

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