Tips & Tricks to successful thrifting

For those people who have never been op-shopping (or thrifting) before, or you’ve tried and haven’t had any success, I’ve put together a little list of my top five tips for finding a hidden gem!

1. Take your time

I am quite possibly one of the slowest op-shoppers ever. I am so slow that Lucas wont come op-shopping with me anymore. But where there is slow, there are awesome finds. To have the best chance of finding anything, and especially the ‘really good, heart racing with excitement piece’ you have to look at EVERYTHING. Each and every item on the rack.

2. Try things on

This is particularly relevant if you are shopping for vintage items. A size 14, it highly likely to be more of a size 10 and without trying the items on, you will never know if they are the right size or not.

3. Stick with it!

Everyone who op-shops has days where they find nothing! They don’t even see anything that looks even slightly appealing. But its all about being committed for the long term and going back multiple times to hunt out some treasures. After you have been op-shopping for a while, you will work out which shops tend to be better than others for whatever you are looking for.

4. Find out what days your local shop gets re-stocked

This is a biggy. The closest you go to this day the higher your chances are of getting your hands on something amazing. What’s the saying? “First up, best dressed”?

5. You can always upcycle!

Just because you found something you love but it has a little hole, doesn’t mean you should leave it behind. It so easy to grab a needle and some thread and stick that puppy up. Or, if you don’t think you can do it, ask a friend. Find something in a fabric that you love, but doesn’t fit you? Upcycle it, either get it resized OR turn it into something else! This is a great way to get creative and create something really unique!

Happy hunting lovlies! Would love to know how you go and what you find! Leave a comment below or send me a message on IG!



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