Very Real Winter *Must-haves*

This weekend I went shopping and spent a smooth $2,250 on my imaginary credit card. If it wasn’t imaginary and if I wasn’t saving for a house, I would 100% purchase these items for my winter wardrobe. They are all essentials additions and classic pieces that won’t jump out of fashion minutes after you have purchased them.

So! Here’s what I purchased in the virtual world, and why I love each and every one of these items…

Kowtow – Overcoat

This. Coat. It really explains itself, so need I really say more? Well I will. Not only is the colour warming for the soul in a burnt caramel chocolatey kinda way, the cut is super flattering and stylish. The coat is merino wool and recycled nylon to keep you toasty warm for many winters to come and will look great dressed up or down over a knit and jeans.

This piece is a classic and although it has a nice wee price tag of $890, it’s something you would buy and have forever. It won’t go out of style and when buying high quality products, they last the stand of time.

Veja – Esplar Sneakers

These may or may not be going on the imaginary credit card i.e. these are very likely to be my next purchase, I just need to track down a pair in my size (39 cough cough). Veja shoes have shot to stardom in the sustainable shoe world in recent times and its pretty clear why. With their simple designs, glorious colour range and thoughtful principals you know you are getting more than just a pair of sneakers when you purchase these.

Wynn Hamlyn – Peace Jumper Blue

Love everything about this. The baby blue colour is different yet easy to wear and mix and match with other colours. The subtle peace sign (although I also LOVE the Yin & Yang Jumper in Ivory) is a perfect detail and adds a dynamic dimension to an otherwise somewhat old school styled jumper.

Will + Bear – Levi Beanie

Well, I think we all know I am a little partial to some mustard.. but then I saw the copper colour and I couldn’t choose!! How perfectly cosy are these beanies?! A beanie is a winter essential and I cannot survive winter without a beanie and a scarf to keep the heat in! These Will + Bear ones have the perfect amount of simple, mixed with statement, warmth mixed with fashion and I am 10/10 a fan! Again, unlikely to be on the imaginary credit card for long, likely to be on the real one sooner than my husband would like but hey, maybe i’ll get him one too to smooth the deal ;).

Kings of Indigo – Sade Mid Linen Jeans in Ice Blast

Jeans. Oh sweet, sweet jeans, I love you. I consider jeans a staple, basically 365 days of the year, so how could it possibly go wrong adding another pair to the collection?! I love the over-sized, straight-leg cut and the washed denim blue of these jeans, not to mention they are made by a socially and environmentally sustainable clothing company- Kings of Indigo are doing amazing things in this space which you can check out here, and are definitely worth checking out!

Mi Piaci boots

Every winter wardrobe needs a staple pair of ankle boots. These simple and elegant tan boots from Mi Piaci are my current pick for a classic style boot. The shape and simplicity mean they will go with any outfit (literally! I bet you can’t name an outfit they wouldn’t go with, go on, I dare you!). I’m totally daydreaming of these paired with a straight-leg blue jean, a cream knit, and a checked coat, or a a mid-length dress and a leather jacket matched with a chunky scarf. Ahh, I’m sold.

After finishing this blog I feel like I may have deviated slightly from the imaginary intentions of this post, and convinced myself that I actually need these items.

As always, let me know your thoughts, questions, comments below.

Much love, Em xx

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